The best sports underwear to add to your fitness equipment in 2021

2021-11-13 06:31:32 By : Ms. Nancy Yang

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We've all been there, and finally reached this area, the to-do list was pushed into our minds, and then, when we entered the Down Dog pose, it happened...a wedge shot that pulled us Go back to the yoga mat and cause any flow to disappear faster than you said.

But this is not the only reason that wearing underwear suitable for exercise is almost as important as having a suitable sports bra. Breathable underwear is very important to keep our vagina happy and healthy.

Whether you are looking for a VPL solution or want to avoid friction while running, we have tested a series of sports underwear from leading fitness brands to find underwear that is worth wearing as soon as possible.

If your tights or shorts are breathable and you find it comfortable to do so, you don't need to change them-but make sure to change them immediately after the gym so that bacteria don't have time to gather and make your vagina itchy. If it gathers too much, it throws things out and affects your pH, which can cause irritation and even thrush.

If you prefer an extra layer, please leave your lace numbers in the drawer, as they are not good for ventilation. Instead, choose cotton underwear or specific sports underwear-your health is worth the sacrifice. They should also leave as soon as you finish your workout, so no one really needs to see them (this should be a concern).

To ensure that you don't wear any pants that won't stay up late or cause excitement, we recruited a group of fitness bunnies and placed the sports underwear of leading fitness brands at their own pace. Each product is tested by three different people, and each tester wears briefs, hipsters or boxers at least 3 times.

We also put the underwear in the washing machine to see how they maintain their shape, and we rate each underwear based on its design, fit, comfort, performance and quality.

Trust us, the only thing you need to dig is your wallet to pay for one of these best performers...

For swag silhouettes without panty lines, choose these impressive hipsters. Our testers found that they are invisible under the leggings and stated that they are also very comfortable. In fact, they reported that they had forgotten them and even wore them. They are so light.

Our team of experts provided them with a green light for protection against squatting, without gathering, falling and digging. They feel very safe, and although some people would like them to be tighter, these are a must-buy for multitasking and exercises that even the most active people can see. We call it victory.  

Main specifications and sizes: XS to XXL Color: brown, light pink, taupe, white, black, pink Material: nylon and elastic fiber

Our testers found that these seamless VPL-free fashionistas are luxurious, lightweight, and because of their sweat-wicking ability, even the most sweaty training is good. Their size fits well, and some testers describe their feel as "tailor-made". You don't get a lot of coverage, but they have no friction, sit very smoothly, three packs, so you have enough time to complete your workout week. 

Side note: If the tights you wear on them are a little faded, then please be aware-the color of these cute pants may show through when you bend and stretch. Just a few things to remember...

Main specifications and sizes: XS to XL Color: purple, pink and gray or black, pink and dots Material: nylon and Lycra

If you go up the mountain for leisure, these underwear from outdoor brand Montane will add a solid foundation to your suitcase. The lightweight fabric is the same material that the brand uses for the base layer, and our testers found that it is breathable and easy to move for low-intensity activities. 

Your butt won't fit as tightly as some of the others we recommend-the testers found that they are looser and do have obvious edges-so the general consensus is that they work better under loose clothing. However, our testers do like their appearance, especially when they are turned on. 

Main specifications size: UK 6 to 16 Color: blue and gray Material: "Apex D-Fuse"

Put on these cool briefs and squat down like hot. The tester found them to dry quickly-goodbye to sweaty butt prints-and said they were so comfortable that they barely noticed that they were already on. 

They have a smooth, almost invisible contour, and are suitable for our testers in a series of high- and low-intensity exercises. There are some reports of occasionally riding, but despite the lack of compression, testers found them to be supportive, and the ventilation holes on the back make them the best performance of all sweating.

Main specifications and sizes: XS to XL Color: black Material: polyamide and elastane

Put on these supportive boxer shorts that won't compress pressure to take your running to the next level. The testers found that they are a safe way to wear, designed to fit the body and fit the size, although some people with larger belly said that the belt is not suitable for them. 

They are elastic, do not rub or roll, and are also impressive when away from sidewalks and gyms, and their coverage means they can be worn well under shorts. They have seamless edges and breathable panels to keep everything cool, and their sporty appearance makes them worthy of our podium.

Main specifications and sizes: XS to 2XL Color: black and navy blue Material: polyester, polyamide, elastic fiber

Whether you consider yourself a clumsy person or a marathon runner, you will know that if your underwear gets inset or rubs too much, it can succeed or destroy running. Enter these fashionable people, they don't need any adjustments by our testers, and they stay as they are. 

They do provide VPL-their design is not seamless-and because of their comfortable style, they are a bit small. But we won't rule them out because of this; our testers like to wear flexible styles (even bobby sports!) during a series of exercises, and like their individual appearance. 

Main specifications size: S to XL Color: black, blue and pink Material: polyamide and elastane

Thinking of wool underwear, you may be ready to continue reading, but please listen to us-our testers found that these wool underwear are unexpectedly sweat-free. Merino fabrics are actually temperature-regulating, lightweight and supportive, making them warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Although wool is not suitable for everyone's skin, our testers found that they are soft to wear and can stay in place during a variety of high- and low-intensity exercises. They are very close-fitting and you can see their silhouette under the tights, but if you like a pair of shoes that can be worn comfortably all year round, these are worth a try. 

Main specifications and sizes: XS to XL Color: black Material: Merino wool and nylon

If you are crazily looking for anything that can help you stay cool in the hot summer, we recommend that you penetrate gas underwear. These fashionable people are comfortable to wear and can be enjoyed on yoga mats or as everyday underwear. 

Testers do have to struggle with weird wedge shoes when doing higher-intensity exercises, so it's best to keep them in sports like Pilates and hiking. In other words, the minimalist style is close to the body, the size is just right, and the elastic and smooth design is very popular in our panels. 

Main specifications and sizes: XS to XL Color: black, white and pink Material: nylon and elastic fiber

Use these three fashionable suits to prepare your legs, arms and core muscles. Our testers found that they are easy to put on and take off, and think that because of the laser cut edges, you cannot see them through the leggings.

During exercise, the testers found them cool and safe, if not completely still-squats brought a few wedges, and the fit was a bit big. The testers agreed that they were best suited for gentler exercises, but considering their value for money, these pants made a deep impression. 

Main specifications size: XS to L Color: black and brown Material: nylon and elastic fiber