3 fall sports and leisure trends that you will want to buy on the spot

2021-11-13 06:31:18 By : Ms. yaki fu

Don't sleep on these.

Have you been out shopping recently and found out that you forgot to bring your wallet when you walked to the cashier? I definitely have. Usually, when I leave home, I pick up my mobile phone, ID card, and keys, nothing more. We now live in a modern world, where the idea of ​​fumbling through wallets to withdraw cash, entering your password or signing a receipt all feels old school.

When you personally buy the only truly important piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe—sports and leisure—technology should also be on your side. This is why PayPal and Venmo's touch-free QR code payment made its debut in Foot Locker, Inc. stores across the country.

Yes, I can copy the IRL with a quick scan, just as easily when I pay a friend or shop online. What I (and you) have to do: open the PayPal or Venmo app during checkout, click the QR code icon, and select "Show Payment" so that the cashier can scan the QR code. It's that simple-scan, pay, and continue a happy life with cute new workout suits and sneakers.

Before that, please check the three fall sports and leisure trends that you want to snap up in the Foot Locker series store, including Foot Locker, Champs Sports and Footaction, as soon as possible. Nothing makes us miss more than shopping IRL.

Bold and vibrant prints have become the focus of autumn again, and all your favorite brands have launched a series of outstanding items. If you want to add a touch of bright color to your wardrobe, you may wish to buy New Balance's classic trench coat-it is the perfect trendy color of this season's soft tones. For a more retro vibe, a cute houndstooth short T-shirt or a plaid print suit (inspired by the uniform of the French professional football team) will play a role. Does the fragrance of autumn call your name? Adidas has helped you. No matter which fall print you get, making sure this trend is as easy as removing a piece from a shelf, scanning a PayPal or Venmo QR code, and going out.

When it comes to fashion trends this season, nostalgia is endless, and sports shoes are no exception. Iconic and traditional styles have regained the focus of attention in the fall. Brands such as New Balance and Reebok have classic styles from the 70s, which are suitable for laps on the track in the morning or walks nearby. For the double trend, please use the bright running shoes of the 80s and 90s with too thick soles-Puma's daylight kicks are the perfect way to highlight the trend statement, and Nike's reissued 1991 Air Huarache is an option that can stand up to it. The test of time.

Change sports pants: There is a new pair of casual pants to choose from in autumn. Say hello to the pragmatic style of bottoms, the details include elastic hem, work pockets, and the sweet nostalgia of flowing trousers. The extra elements-mesh panels, silk fabrics and bright color blocks-bring a stylish and avant-garde atmosphere, which is exactly how to take sports and casual outfits to a new level. Reebok updated their styles, using recyclable satin woven fabrics to create a soft and stylish effect. Need to change your style more? Jordan's practical pants have some strategic zippers that allow you to turn them into a pair of cute shorts. Use quick scan and go QR codes at checkout and these will become yours immediately.

Learn more about paying in-person with PayPal or Venmo QR codes at Foot Locker, Inc. stores here