Work continues toward Brownfield site development

2022-12-05 21:09:06 By : Ms. Rosa Zhang

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Work is continuing towards developing a Brownfield site in Burlington.

The site, located on Pine Street, is getting remediated for development thanks to $6 million dollars of Brownfield money from the state. It’s slated to be developed as a Nordic Bathhouse and bowling alley. Charging Stand

Work continues toward Brownfield site development

First, however, investigations are ongoing to look at how contaminated the soil is and how to move forward with remediation and development responsibly.

D.E.C. Environmental analyst Graham Bradley says, “They’re looking at potential contaminants of the soil, they’re looking at the water table and potential contaminants in groundwater and the consultants will be putting together the corrective action plan to remediate the site in 2023 next year.”

Once they get the plan into place to protect the lake and environment around the site, they will begin remediation and construction, aiming for late 2023.

Work continues toward Brownfield site development

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